Van Up

When design meets work

Van Up is the new project that “Umberto Palermo Design” develops in collaboration with Piaggio and is produced in the company’s factories in Orbassano (TO).
This particular setup for the Piaggio Porter NP6 vans, wholly designed and engineered by the famous Turin designer, demonstrates truly unexpected qualities.
Flexibility, versatility and sturdiness are the keywords used in communication by Logic Comunication, developed on the standard web channels in Italian and English.
For the entire European market, made up of hundreds of dealerships, Logic Comunication has also developed the B2B e-commerce part by creating an ordering platform for the vast “range” of opportunities offered by Van Up, including spare parts and accessories.

Technical Description

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Web Platform Programming
  • Commercial and Demo
  • Shooting video and photos
  • Customer: UP design