Nothing will be as before

TSM, Technical Service Manual, is the standard dedicated to refrigerator repair.
Since its launch at the Canton fair in October 2018, TSM has proven to be a project capable of revolutionizing the world of refrigerator repair worldwide.
Born to simplify repair processes and to demonstrate that it is not always helpful for the planet to shorten the life cycle of a product, in almost three years of use, it has simplified tens of thousands of repairs for hundreds of repairers all over the world.
Developed on the web/software/logic side entirely by Logic Comunication, TSM is constantly updated with work that continues with the publication of new manuals.
Creating TSM took one year of work, more than 10,000 photographs, more than 15,000 pdf pages and a dedicated team of 5 people.
The graphic design is by Grazia Mattei and the web programming and platform management are by Massimo Zancan.
For those wishing to learn more, visit the page dedicated to the project presentation video and find out how the logic allows the repairer to go straight to the point among thousands of possibilities in just 5 clicks!

Technical Description

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Web Platform Programming
  • 29 Manual Published
  • +15,000 pages in pdf
  • Customer: Homa Appliances