When local is better than global

Five years have passed since the first version of the site, and many digital steps have been taken for the company.
The company is a multinational based in Zurich and sells eyewear in more than 90 countries worldwide.
The initial request involved the creation of a website with a precise communication plan that could help the INVU brand position itself on the Italian market in a capillary manner.
The results to date are more than satisfactory.
The company has consolidated its position on the web considerably.
Integrating communication systems such as the weekly newsletter and online chat is crucial for maintaining a high level of interaction with customers.
Implementing a reserved area with an E-commerce system for the direct receipt of online orders has increased customer loyalty.
Dozens of users access the reserved area weekly to reorder products or simply download communication material.
Communicating locally rather than globally and institutionally was the key to opening up this multinational company to the Italian digital market.

Technical Description

  • Web Design
  • Web programming
  • Communication Plan
  • Newsletter system for weekly send
  • Chat online system
  • E-commerce B2B platform
  • Data entry: +1500 product on database
  • Customer: Swiss Eyewear Group