Homa Europe website

Not only a simple shop window

The initial need for this unique website was to create a platform that could communicate more adequately to European customers the values and ambitions that distinguish HOMA as the world’s leading exporter of refrigerators in a B2B market.
From its initial development, homaeurope.eu has become a real platform for exchanging information, documents, marketing and communication, which, through a particular reserved area system, puts hundreds of customers worldwide in contact with the sales part every day.
Practical marketing and communication activities based on the periodic publication of articles on the company’s dearest topics, such as design, sustainability and customer centricity, make this site an effective marketing and relationship tool, which talks about the product but also about company philosophy and which at the same time is also a daily work tool for HOMA and its customers.
More than a year after its publication, dozens of new customers have approached HOMA requesting information on products and the company.
Some improvements are planned for 2023 in the Back-End management area and in the My Homa Area, as well as all the ordinary management of the systems.

Technical Description

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Web Platform Programming
  • Communication plan
  • SEO strategy
  • Customer: Homa Appliances