Innovation and Digital Proximity

The Success of in the B2B Sector

In an era where digital transformation is imperative, merely having a passive online presence is no longer sufficient.
Recognizing this, Logic Communication, in collaboration with HOMA, a leading multinational in the refrigeration industry, has spearheaded the development of
This platform goes beyond a traditional website, offering a dynamic and interactive digital tool that bridges the gap between companies and their customers in the intricate B2B landscape.

Redefining Interaction: The Evolution of the Corporate Website
Logic Communication has transformed from a simple digital showcase to a vital operational tool that enriches customer interactions.
This platform has been meticulously crafted to enable seamless, proactive communications with clients, fostering a more intimate and efficient business relationship.
This strategic shift reflects Logic Communication’s vision of leveraging technology to streamline and enhance business processes.

A Testament to Continuous Growth and Innovation
Since its inception in 2021, has demonstrated exponential growth in traffic and operational efficiency, a clear testament to Logic Communication’s successful strategy and implementation. The site’s evolution underlines our ability not only to meet but exceed the evolving demands of the European market and not only, ( received visits from more than 130 countries all over the world) than setting a new standard in the industry for how digital platforms should operate.

Enhancing Operations Through Cutting-Edge Technology
Logic Communication’s innovative approach includes integrating sophisticated tools tailored to different customer segments and internal teams.
This strategy has resulted in the creation of exclusive areas with varying access levels and the incorporation of advanced monitoring systems.
Such innovations simplify internal processes and significantly boost customer satisfaction, showcasing Logic Communication’s commitment to delivering both security and excellence.

H+ Initiative: A Comprehensive Suite of Digital Services is a key component of the broader H+ initiative, which encompasses a variety of digital services developed mainly by Logic Communication.
This ambitious project includes TSM (Technical Service Manual), the first online repair manual exclusively for technicians; SPM (Spare Part Management), an online service designed to simplify the purchasing of spare parts; Marketing Academy, a dedicated section of the HOMA Europe site reserved for top customers to download always-available marketing materials; and last but not least “my Homa”, an area devoted to the sharing of communication materials and more.
These services are pivotal in illustrating HOMA’s enduring commitment to the CARE concept that has always distinguished the brand. (“We take care of your dreams”)

Advocating for Design, Food Preservation, and Sustainability actively publishes articles that go beyond typical corporate communication, spotlighting topics such as design, food preservation, and sustainability.
These articles are carefully crafted to elevate discussions on substantial issues crucial for the sustainable development of HOMA’s products.
Consistently publishing content on these themes not only enhances the site’s SEO visibility but also boosts its web reputation across various aspects.
This strategy extends the brand’s reach beyond just products and corporate identity to include a broader engagement with global issues that resonate with the company’s core values.

Celebrating Achievements and Strategic Partnerships
The remarkable achievements of—highlighted by significant annual visitation, expansion across numerous countries, and a substantial volume of document downloads—illustrate the exceptional outcome of this project. These milestones are a direct result of the visionary leadership at Logic Communication and our fruitful collaboration with HOMA’s European management. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Federico Rebaudo, General Manager of HOMA Europe, for his invaluable contribution and partnership.

Ultimately, is more than just a website; it is a testament to Logic Communication’s dedication to driving forward the digital frontier in B2B commerce.
This platform is a prime example of how innovative digital tools can facilitate more than just transactions—they can transform them, creating deeper and more effective business connections.

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