How to define a new digital service that wants to be increasingly human and less impersonal?
How to emphasize the concept of a “human” relationship with your customers?
Trust and humanity are the keywords of this emotional video created for the launch of H+.
H+ is the new HOMA digital service that encompasses a series of exclusive digital services under its umbrella, including TSM and SPM within the homaeurope.eu platform.
The entire film is made with stock images from the best image libraries.
The conception is by Guido Bedont, the texts and the screenplay are by Giovanni Salvaggio, the editing and graphics are by Guido Bedont and Mario Travaini, the voiceover is by Eric Alexander, and the audio mix is by Fabrizio Foti.

Technical Description

  • Editing
  • Special effects and colour correction
  • Sound Design
  • Graphic
  • Subtitling
  • Customer: Homa appliances